Respect. For You. Vote SPD

Foto: Olaf Scholz

Dear Voter,

Germany is only the successful country it is today because so many people have helped it along the way. With their ideas, their courage, hard work and also their experiences – which they may have brought with them from another part of the world entirely. We belong together. Cultural richness and diversity make our country one worth living in. And there’s one thing I’m sure of: Together, we can achieve even more. With respect for each other and for the contribution that each and every person makes to our diverse society.

This respect is important to me. It’s about how we interact and live with each other. It's about politics that consistently opposes any form of discrimination. It’s also about good wages, a stable pension, affordable housing, and more support for families. And of course, it’s about a good future for our children and grandchildren: good schools, secure work later on, a healthy environment to live in.

Let’s make our country even better – together! With respect and a strong sense of community.

That’s why I want to become Chancellor. And why I’m asking you to put your trust in me.

Warm regards,
Olaf Scholz.

What we can achieve

Scholz gets it done.

Olaf Scholz. The Can-Do Chancellor.

Olaf Scholz has the experience our country needs. He successfully led a government in Hamburg, improved short-time workers pay as Minister of Labour during the financial crisis of the previous decade, saving millions of jobs in the process – and as Minister of Finance has brought us safely through the coronavirus pandemic.

Olaf Scholz has a plan for a good future. The others don’t. The Greens want climate protection to become more expensive for everyone. And the CDU’s priority is cutting taxes for companies and high earners, but they refuse to say how it will be financed. Our country needs a chancellor with courage and ideas. Not just wishing for something, but getting it done too. Olaf Scholz.