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Germany's strongest voices for Europe


EU citizens who are entitled to vote and are registered residents in Germany can vote either in their home country or in Germany. But remember: You cannot vote in both countries - doing so is a criminal offence.

To be eligible to vote in Germany, you must be at least 16 years old and have been registered as a resident in Germany or another Member State of the European Union for more than three months.

If you want to vote in the European elections for the first time as a non-German EU citizen in Germany, you must be entered in the electoral register. This is generally done through your municipality of residence in Germany.

You must sign this application personally and by hand. It must be received by your municipality of residence by May 19 at the latest.

Download the application form and register!

The municipality will then send you your voting documents. These will let you know where your polling station is. You will be entered in the electoral register there and they will be happy for you to come along and vote.

If you were previously entered in the electoral register, you will receive a notification by post to your registered address in Germany by May 19 at the latest, like all other eligible voters in Germany.


The EU is strong. It has made peace and prosperity in Europe possible. The SPD is making Europe even stronger: For peace and understanding in the world. For well-paying jobs of the future, here at home. For consumer protection against big corporations. For fair taxes.

Strong for our democracy. Right-wing extremists are making a bid for power again. They are pitting groups against each other threatening our jobs, our prosperity and our social cohesion. The SPD is taking a stand against the enemies of democracy. We´re fighting for you with passion and a willingness to compromise – in Europe and in your local area.